Monday, February 25, 2013

Advantages Of Private Cloud

Private cloud is likely to be the most favored cloud options for enterprises. According to current market surveys rate of adoption of private cloud is going to surpass that of other cloud models. An increasing number of businesses are planning to host their own cloud climate within their premises to create a virtual, scalable and flexible environment for innovations and experimentations.

Private cloud is considered a securer platform where companies can safely host their mission critical information. It is not a shared infrastructure, multi-tenant platform like public cloud. As a result, organizations can retain control over the data stored in their privately owned cloud and intensify security measures as required. It is also as an ideal platform for hosting cloud based applications.

  • Private cloud allows dynamic allocation of IT resources across the breadth of an organization
  • It creates a scalable environment that can be expanded to meet business requirements whenever those occur
  • Creates a resource pool from where resources can be shared between users
  • Makes distribution of workload more effective
  • It is easier to track resource usage and their costs in private cloud setup
  • You can make over-provisioning to meet additional requirements of resources without worrying about piling up your bills
  • You can monitor, manage and track performance of your data in the private cloud setup and thus, can ensure data security
  • You can put extra layers of security as you see fit to protect your critical data in the virtualized setup
  • You can host your suits of business applications in your private cloud
  • Use the platform for developing and testing innovations
  • You can minimize damages caused by downtime and outage
  • Create an effective data recovery and backup policy
  • Make sure that your data storage policy meets legal compliance

Who are the ideal candidates for setting up private cloud?

  • Companies that have already invested in building the infrastructure for hosting their own cloud services.
  • Software development firms that need a platform for developing and testing applications.
  • Large companies that have resources for building private cloud.
  • Companies that deal with large amount of sensitive customer information and need advanced level of data security.
  • Companies that want to host their legacy, on-premise and cloud based applications in a protected virtual setup.
  • Small businesses. Yes, quite a few cloud service providers are now offering simplified private cloud solutions to small and medium businesses as well.

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